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The 20th of March was the UN International Day of Happiness and there was a World Happiness Index Report released.

I was quite interested to see what criteria they used to evaluate world happiness and it’s interesting to see what money-related topics were mentioned.

  • Real Income Per Capita: This is the real income per person in the country.
  • Perception of the Government
  • Social supports
  • Freedom to pursue or make your own choices

And while I do believe the old adage that money can’t buy happiness, I do believe that money can relieve stress and pressure – Particularly with the high cost of living and a high rate of inflation.

I put some thoughts on to graphic to show what financial wellness or happiness can look like…

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It’s having some disposable income and being able to save for a rainy day and retirement.

It’s being able to pursue your goals or your hobbies and having the money to have insurance and financial protection.

For most of us, given the cost of living and the rate of inflation being able to do all of those things means managing your money and sometimes making difficult choices.

Because often the case that financial wellness is financial management, it’s just putting a plan in place and sticking to it and managing your money, and this can create the disposable income that you need to do all those things.

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