We have provided savings, insurance and pension calculators, to help you figure out and project according to your own budget. Please contact us on hlambert@integralfinancialplanning.ie today with any queries.


  1. Pension Contributions Calculator – calculate now what you may need to put away for later – Try now
  2. Pension Tax Relief Calculator – this Pension calculator shows the effect of tax relief on your pension contribution – Try now
  3. Maximum pension contribution calculator – this pension calculator tells you the amount you can personally contribute to your pension for tax relief purposes – Try now
  4. ARF or Annuity tool Try now
  1. Life Cover Calculator – this calculator will help you to figure out how much cover you or your dependants will need should you die or become seriously ill – Try now
  2. Life Cover Quote Calculator – this tool helps you work out how much Life Cover could cost – Try now
  3. Inheritance tax liability calculator – this calculator will show you how much inheritance tax your family could be liable to pay when you pass away – Try now
  4. Underwriting requirements calculator – lists Zurich Life’s minimum additional information needed to assess your application – Try now
  1. Cost of College Education Calculator – estimate costs of sending your children to college and see how much you might need to save each month to meet these college costs. – Try now
  2. Savings Calculator – work out how much you need to save each month to meet your savings goal – Try now
  3. Budget calculator – examine your monthly income and expenses with our budget calculator. This will give you an idea of how much money you have available to save – Try now
  4. Personal Annual Budget Spreadsheet Download now