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What’s preventing you from achieving financial wellness or financial prosperity or financial independence?

In my experience of working in the industry whether it’s a business or an individual its costs creep up, so spending a little bit too much, high overheads through debt or mortgages or bills and obviously, the cost of living is something that’s making things more difficult as well.

So would a long-term financial plan help in turning things around or helping you achieve your goals?

Like a lot of things in life whether it’s sports, business, or finance, a well-thought-out and adhered to long-term plan tends to help an awful lot.

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It is something you could do yourself but I think working with an industry professional is very beneficial.

Studies have shown in Ireland, Canada, and the US that those who work with financial planning professionals have a greater level of savings, higher pension contributions and a greater level of financial protection, and a greater sense of financial wellness.

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So while financial planning can be difficult and there are trade-offs to be made, with potentially difficult decisions – Being under financial pressure is quite a bit worse.

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