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Last week I shared an article that highlighted there is €150 Billion on deposit in Ireland, at the moment with the average deposit rate being 0.12%

In 2023, inflation in Ireland was 5.2%, which is a differential of 5%.

Between what you’re savings and deposits savings are growing by, that’s an inflation deficit of 5%.

Investing is the only way to ensure your money isn’t falling behind.

Some money on deposit has to be kept aside for an emergency, and some money has to be kept aside for anything that’ll be bought, possibly in the next 5 years, but anything past that is suitable for investment

Whether it’s long-term deposits, a cap and secure bond, or a managed fund, If you are investing, speak with a professional and ensure you fully understand the risk of return and the terms and conditions.

If you have any queries or need to understand your investment options feel free to get in touch to start a conversation💬

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