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This morning I’d like to talk about those who have money on deposit and are looking at investing a part of it.

The first question is how much you can invest. So anything that you want to put the money towards over the next five years should remain on deposit in case of investment market volatility.

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You need to keep an emergency fund in place and then if there’s some debt it’s worth considering paying some of that down too.

So you’ve finally arrived at the figure. It’s then about what we use the money for, whether it’s towards retirement or education costs, or long-term savings generally.

That will then tell you the term in terms of how long you want to invest.

Generally speaking with investing the longer the term, the better because you get a greater chance of positive returns. For deposit money, a good place to start can be a capital-secure bond, so a bond that’s 100% capital guaranteed if you invest for the entire term.

And then the last consideration then would be if you want access to the money.

Ideally, we’ve gone through the number crunching to see how much you need to leave aside for various requirements but just for conversation over the years lots of people just want to know, just in case, can they get at it.

Now if you’ve gone for a capital secure bond you may not be able to get access to that so you might not be able to get the two of those together but just some practical considerations if considering making an investment.

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