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I write a lot about financial planning and increasing assets through regular contributions and savings policies, pensions policies, and investments to make your savings work harder for us with inflation running at 8 or 9%.

💡What’s equally important is protecting what we have through insurance.

There are lots of insurances around, I’ll write about these over the next two weeks but today I’ll focus on income protection.

Our income and income potential over the course of our working career is the most important asset that we have because it pays for mortgages, pensions, lifestyle, holidays, and more, so when your income stops, all of that will come under pressure.

Income protection provides a regular monthly payment if you can’t work through illness or injury which will cover all the outgoings that I previously mentioned.

You can get up to 75% of your income, less any available state benefit or you can also go for a lower level depending on what is available to spend on it.

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