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Monthly Investment Plans have been gaining in popularity since deposit rates have been reduced to nearly zero.

Long term savers are looking for returns that will make their money work for them or in some cases just get them a better return than deposit without taking a lot of risk.

Setting up a Monthly Investment Plan is simple and goes as follows:

Have a coffee/chat with your financial advisor to establish how much you wish to save/invest and your overall goals and circumstances

Complete a Risk Profile Questionnaire to determine what level of risk you are comfortable taking

Select a fund or funds with your financial advisor

Establish the time frame that you wish to invest for

Complete the application forms and direct debit mandate

Start investing and benefit from long term compound interest returns

Monthly Investment Plans can be set to have full access to your money and ability to change funds at anytime. They are flexible and can be amended if things change for you.

You are not locking yourself into a long term commitment and you can pause payments if you need to so.

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