What do you charge for your services?

There are a number of different products and services that we offer. For a review and recommendation we charge a flat rate of €150 Plus VAT per hour

For products advice, the Life Assurance companies will pay a commission so there will be no charge to you. This will all be disclosed before moving into application

I worked in a company previously and I had a pension, is that gone now?

No, it is most likely still on the company pension scheme. In some instances companies can claw back their contributions into a pension. This is if you have left within 2 years of service in the company

How much do I need to put into my pension?

This depends on what income you want in retirement. Like any savings account/policy, the more you put in the more it will build up. We can run a projection for you easily and would be happy to do so at no charge or obligation

How much life/illness insurance do I need?

This isn’t a straightforward answer but depends on how many dependents you have, any debts that have and your age. We can run a quote for you easily and would be happy to do so at no charge or obligation

I am not getting any returns on deposit. Do you have any alternatives?

There are some very good alternatives to bank deposits at present. They have different levels of risk. Some are capital guaranteed bonds and others are investment funds.

Could I lose money if I invest it?

Over the long term property and equities deliver positive returns. There can be temporary fluctuations and downturns which can result in losses. Money invested is ‘capital at risk’ so there can be losses

Will you keep me updated on how the policy is doing?

Yes  – we will be in touch every year to review your policy is doing

Pensions – what do I need to look out for?


The main costs to consider are the Allocation Rate and Annual Management Charge. The Allocation Rate is the amount of your monthly investment that gets invested into the pension (eg 99% so that means a 1% charge). The Annual Management Charge is paid annually on the entire pension investment and is usually circa 1%


This relates to the service you get from your advisor regarding technical advice on pensions and general day to day enquiries

Fund Performance

Consistent strong fund performance is crucial to make your money work for you and to see the benefits of compound interest

Product Selection

Most life companies and investment companies have a range of managed funds that are invested in bonds, property, cash and shares. Ethical investments as well as specialised investments such as Clean Energy are not available through all companies

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